Did Elvis Presley own a home in Oahu?

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No. Elvis usually stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton when on vacation on the main island however when he first came to Hawaii to film Blue Hawaii in 1961 he stayed at the CoCo Plams in Kauai where most of the film was made also. Bungalow 54. He returned there on several vacations througout the next years even after he and Priscilla were married. Now as for Oahu when he visited there he rented a private house in the mountains and did so in Kauai a few times also. Elvis probably visited Hawaii twenty times not including his filmings there and in his later years 1972 thru 1977 after doing the Aloha from Hawaii special in Honolulu he always stay at the Hawaiian Hilton.
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Did Elvis Presley write his own songs?

Elvis DID write 2 songs "You'll be gone" 1962 and " That's someoneYou'll never forget" 1961. Know what you are talking about if youdecide to answer please. Source: Jorgensen,

Which state was home to Elvis Presley?

Two States claim Elvis. The first is Mississippi as he was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi. The second is Tennessee where his family and he relocated to (i.e. Me