Can some Pokemon can be dangerous?

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If Pokémon existed in real life they could indeed cause a lot of physical harm and property damage.
We are talking about creatures with the power to casually summon lightning, spit fire, materialize giant waves out of nowhere, cause earthquakes, tornadoes, among others. And these are just the attacks, some Pokémon have the power to feed on your soul, brainwash people, possess your body, trap you in another dimmension, mind wipe you, it only gets worse from there. Certain legendaries like Groudon or Regigigas are powerful enough to change the geography of the planet, others like Dialga and Palkia can warp time and space, Lugia can cause widespread destruction if he does as much as flap his wings too hard. The implications of such creatures existing in a realistic setting would be catastrophic, certain media like the anime and the games have a tendency to tone them down since it is a kids show.
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What are some dangerous foods to dogs?

Any "people food" can be potentially harmful to an animal, it is not possible to distinguish which dog might be allergic to which type of food product. Chocolate or anything containing caffeine should always be avoided. Grapes, garlic, most nuts, and any fatty foods such as bologna can upset a dog's (MORE)

What are some dangers in being a zoologist?

One of the dangers of being a Zoologist is being very very close to an animal that may be dangerous that you may not even know that its there until you get attacked. eg. scorpions in the shoe, in the middle of a feeding frenzy, poisonous animals, etc

What are some dangers in space?

There are dozens of dangerous things out there in space, But I am just going to name a few; The tempurature, the pressure, the sun's rays, the floating space debris, storms on the different planets. But there are the martians!

What are some of the dangers of scuba diving?

This is a very open ended question. The British Sub Aquatic Club 1 publishes an annual incident report covering accident in their area. This is an excellent report if the question is about the dangers to trained SCUBA divers. Generally speaking the dangers vary depth, time, physical condition, a (MORE)

What are some dangers to lizards?

Well, the first one you can pretty much answer... humans destroy their habitat, but they are also delicasies as food in some countries. lizard eggs are captured for breeding and selling. Some lizards are killed for their skin. hope this helped :D

What are some dangers of dhmo?

Measurable levels of DHMO have been verified in ice samples taken from both the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps . . DHMO is an "enabling component" of acid rain -- in the absence of sufficient quantities of DHMO, acid rain is not a problem. . Research has shown that significant levels of DHMO wer (MORE)

What were some of the dangers to crops in Egypt?

Some of the dangers to crops in Egypt could have been the severeheat and lack of water. The crops depended on the Nile river, andonce it flooded, the farmers would know whether or not the cropscould succeed. If it did not flood enough, they would die, but ifit flooded too much, they would drown, and (MORE)

What are some of the dangers involved with helicopters?

Malfunction causing the controls to fail leading to a horrific crash(RARE). Storms causing you to lose control of the Helicopter(Unlikely with experienced pilot). and more. but if you are in a helicopter with an experienced pilot and a tested safe helicopter, you will be fine, its just a fear for mo (MORE)

What are some dangerous chemicals in alcohol?

alcohol is a toxin and dangerous. I'm not really answering your question but alcohol damges the brain cell not kill them. the cells repair themselves. alcohol is addictive and unhealthy if consumed frequently and unwisely. drink in moderation is good though. it causes long-term and short-term effect (MORE)

What makes some camels dangerous?

They have fighting teeth and they need them for fighting off other males that ain't part of the herd and sometimes to ones that are in the herd about mating reasons so the fighting teeth can hurt and sometimes kill the other camels and llama's have them to for the same reason

What are some dangerous properties of neon?

Neon is one of the noble gases. It is completely non toxic and non flammable. The only danger I can think of connected to neon is that if you were to try to breathe an atmosphere of 100% neon you would die from lack of oxygen - but that is an extremely unlikely situation to ever arise. I doubt that (MORE)

What are some dangers in biotechnology?

Rauch makes an intriguing argument: even if biotechnologyeventually allows us to "enhance" ourselves in a way that seversour connection with what it means to be human, the results mightnot be as bad as we might think. Use of these technologies mightnot spiral out of control as some pessimists fear, (MORE)

What are some dangers of adware?

Ad ware can be a Trojan horse. What happens is a person downloads or opens an email attachment which in turn is giving the Trojan permission to enter your computer. The Trojan then records your keystrokes and the hacker that created the Trojan can then watch what you are doing on your computer. The (MORE)

What are some of the dangers in the science lab?

You Could Eat Chemicals If You Have Food In The Lab You Could Get You Hair/Tie (If You Wear One) Stuck In Something Or Set A Light You Could Burn Yourself Hurt Yourself Knock Over Any Chemical Flask .. Etc Get Something Wet That Isn't Supposed To Be You Could Make A Chemical Reaction T (MORE)

What are some common dangers of a submarine?

Probably the risk of the sub imploding from water pressure, fire in the engines, running out of air, being shot at, hitting other objects or mechanical failures, and probably a lot more.

What are some dangers of a submarine?

Submarines could develop a leak, resulting in flooding, or it could be smashed to bits if it dives too far underwater. If there is a problem with the oxygen system or CO2 scrubbers, the air could become saturated with Carbon Dioxide and everyone could possibly die from Hypoxia. But I worked for seve (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of payday loans?

Well, where to start? Problem #1: Payday loans have excessive and usurious interest rates and fees. This makes them illegal in many states. Problem #2: By design, they are built to keep you in a repetitive cycle of not being able to pay them off, often leading to the need to take out yet anothe (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of an online loan?

When deciding to get an online loan there are many risks to consider. Most online loans have a high APR (annual percentage rate.) High interest rates are common among online lenders. The biggest and most devastating danger is the risk of identity theft. While there are legitimate lenders who use the (MORE)

What are some dangers to miners?

There is lava and mobs, maybe gravel. If you follow the 2 main rules of minecraft which are 1. Never dig straight up. and 2. never dig straight down, you will be pretty much safe.

What are some dangerous dog accessories?

There are several dangerous dog accessories. A site suggests a muzzle, dangerous dog collar, which is reflective or a dangerous dog sign. These remind people to be cautious around dangerous dogs.

What are some dangers in a thunderstorm?

can kill more people than tornado it can also bring heavy rain, strong wilds, and hail, it can produce lighting which is the number 1 cause of death in a storm.:-)

Why some of the dogs are dangerous?

There are no dangerous breeds of dogs. However, there are dangerous owners. A dog raised in the wrong hands can become a danger to people and other animals, but a dog raised correctly is safe, regardless of the dogs breed. In most cases of dog attacks, you'll find signs that the owner was ignorant, (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of smoking meth?

There are many dangers to smoking meth. The main one is that it can rot someone's teeth, skin and internal organs. Another problem with meth is that is disrupts mental facilities.

What are some of the dangers of liposuction procedures?

There are a number of risks that can be associated with liposuction. Some risks that could potentially happen with this procedure are bruising, inflammation, numbness and infection. There are also rare risks such as kidney or heart problems.

What are some of the dangers of DXM abuse?

DXM is an acronym for the drug Dextromethorphan which can have some severe side effects if taken in excess. The ingredient DXM is commonly found in cough syrups and if taken as directed there are no dangers. However if one takes DXM in high doses some of the dangers are seizures, heart palpitation (MORE)

What are some dangers of drug smuggling?

Drug smuggling is a very common and lucrative practice. However, it is illegal and very dangerous. Many individuals who transfer drugs have a good chance of ingesting too much and getting very sick.

What are some dangers of aesthetic surgery?

Aesthetic or plastic surgery is dangerous as it is associated with risk of infection and possible complications resulting in blood clots and blood born illness. Until the 19th and 20th century the common practice of plastic surgery involved removing healthy tissue from one part of the body and trans (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of heroin use?

There are many dangers of the use of heroin, as it is a very hard drug and can get people very addicted and dependent on its use. The dangers of heroin are overdoses, rotting teeth, heart diseases, lung cancer and infections.

What are some of the dangers of bond investing?

Buying bonds consists of loaning money, usually to an entity like a government. As governments tend to be fairly stable, this is a relatively low-risk investment. The greatest drawback to bonds may be their consistency; unlike other investments, they are unlikely to jump in value in response to la (MORE)

What are some dangers of fad diets?

Dangers of fad diets include not getting all the nutrients you need, can cause weight gain from the body going into starvation mode and it can change your metabolism.

What are some dangers of poker cheats?

Some of the dangers of poker cheats are that even though one is currently winning, they will eventually be exposed if they are greedy. The loser might not only lose all of their money, but might also become very violent when they realize that they have been scammed. This could result in bodily harm (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of smoking?

The following are some dangers of smoking; tar, and carcinogen substances causes cancer, smoking reduces oxygen in the body, and it also causes pulmonary disorders.

What are some of the dangers of bee removal?

Some of the dangers involved with bee removal can be: damaging the hive, swarming of the bees during hive movement, and stings suffered from attacking bees. The latter being possibly more dangerous if one is allergic to bee stings.

What are some potential dangers of wedgies?

Wedgies can be dangerous, particularly to males. When done to severely, wedgies can cause severe testicular or scrotal damage. There have been cases where children have needed surgery to reattach a testicle to the scrotum as a result of a wedgie.

What are some dangerous chemical burns?

Some dangerous chemical burns are caused by strong acids or strong bases. Specific household chemicals which will cause a dangerous burn are Ammonia which can cause a burn upon contact with the skin. Another example would be drain cleaners that contain sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid will cause ba (MORE)

Why is Pokemon go dangerous?

Pokemon Go itself is not dangerous. It is thy whom plays with it islooking at your screen more than your obstacles ahead of you. ThenCRASH!!! A car destroyed you. BYE BYE. Have a great birthday,child! 🎉