Can horses dance yes or no and why?

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Yes! Horses like Lipanzzaners dance all the time! They even have special show for you to watch! Look for one coming to your town and go see it. You'll find out it's not real dancing, but from horses... it's amazing Friesans, Lippizanners and arabians were kinda dancing in Gala of the royal horses.
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What are the different types of horses used in Andalusia dancing horses?

Ok im the best at this question because i live in Andalucia, spain. Every year there are dance shows with the traditional andalucian horses. I have 6 andalucian stallions that are entered each year. To enter the dances, your horses must be pure andalucian decendants of the spanish andaluces (people (MORE)

How do I say yes I would like to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with you in a 'cute' way to this girl that asked me?

Be nice, depends on the girl some might even like a compliment. "sure" seems uncaring something more like smile.... then say it's you lucky day because the prettiest girl in school asked you to the dance ;) or even how you say no to someone so beautifull lol If you live in Utah or Idaho (their migh (MORE)

How many kind of horses are used in dancing horses?

Well you know you can use pretty much any breed of horse whenever you are dancing horses or doing Dressage (Dressage is the same things as dancing horses.) But Arabians are probobly the best at it.. Any breed of horse can be trained to do dressage. The lower levels of dressage are not so much danci (MORE)

If an answer is yes why is it yes?

An answer can only be "yes" if there is some fact or truth, or agreement with what was asked. Otherwise, the answer would be "no". Example: Can we live on Saturn? No. - statement of fact

What is yes and no?

Yes, is consenting to something. Example: Yes, I would like to go to the dance with you. No, means to oppose something. Example: No, you can not go out on a school night.

Why can't horses dance?

horses can dance and if you have ever seen dressage you would be ammazed at what horses can actually do ;)

How do you make a girl say yes to go with you to the school dance?

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Can horses tap dance?

It is physically impossible for a horse to tap dance unless it is exceptionally intelligent in following the routine and maintaining the rhythm. So, I would say, no they don't.

Is it safe to leave a horses halter on in a pasture yes or no?

Personally, I like to leave my horse's halter off to avoid it getting caught on things and also to avoid halter rubs. However, sometimes it is not practical to do that, as is my case. I board at a barn where they require the halters be left on so that the horses are easy for them to catch when they (MORE)

Which horse breed is best for dancing?

By dancing I assume you mean performance horses using advanced dressage skills to music. Any horse, with the correct teacher, can be taught to 'dance.' However it takes time, precision and a lot of expertise or it will be very unpleasant for the trainer and the horse. Undoubtedly the most popular h (MORE)

What breed of horse is best to teach to dance?

These will look nice: -Arabians will look good and learn it pretty quickly --> Best -Frisians gonna look majestic, they are quick learners too -->2nd -Andalusian , beautiful and will learn quickly -->3rd Not that: -Drafts, because they have rough joints and they won't move nicely because (MORE)

Creative ways to say yes to a dance?

-make a jack-o-lantern with a yes carved in night ring his door bell and he will see a yes glowing! . -glow in the dark stars on his wall in the shape of an yes . -make a cake and laminate yes and put it in the cake....or if you want to fool your man freeze an ice block with the aminated (MORE)

Is mare is faster than horse if yes then why?

A mare is a female horse, so a mare could not really said to be faster than a horse. It really depends on the breed and bloodlines. A fit, thoroughbred mare will be faster than a lazy trail horse. A well bred thoroughbred mare will usually beat a male from unknown, inferior bloodlines.

Do Arab horses dance?

only if they are trained to do so. The Arabian is not only the oldest breed it is one of the most versatile. I don't think there is much that this horse can't do. They are one of the most beautiful of breeds also.

Why don't horses dance well?

Because you have to teach them. Its not like you can show them how by you dancing, and then they do it. It would take alot of work.

I want to ask a guy that barely knows me to a dance What factors will he consider before saying yes?

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Should you dance or horse back ride?

Dance if it is just a careless, iffy thing. You have to have the commitment and love for horses. To me, by far Horse back ride, but i absolutely love horses to death!! That's just me. :D Good luck

How do you get your girlfriend back for the second time when I asked two of her best friends to an upcoming dance they both said yes I thought it would get her jealous I was wrong?

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What is the horse's breed of the dancing horse in the movie Rustler's Rhapsody?

I have been in the horse world for 33 years. The Lipazanner's areusually what they use for "dancing" but there was non of them inthis movie. I am guessing, because this is a hard one, but a PasoFino, but this horse looks to large, and is not always moving likea gaited horse. I read somewhere this mo (MORE)

What are the lyrics to the the yes dance?

The YES Dance We gon' teach y'all something tonight Some o' y'all know and some o' y'all don't. You wanna know what it's called? It's called: YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES. Now some of y'all can't remember s*** if you ain't got words. So we gonna give y'all some words to remember t (MORE)

How long does it take a horse to learn the horse dance thing in the olympics?

The 'horse dancing thing' is called Dressage, it is a French word that means training. Dressage is taught to nearly all horses from the moment they are saddle trained which is anywhere from 2 to 6 years of age. After that the horse may or may not show the ability to compete at the highest levels and (MORE)

Why did the girl you like not say yes to the dance?

There are many possible reasons. Perhaps she does not know how to dance, or even if she does, she may not feel confident about her ability as a dancer, and may fear that she will just embarrass herself by her clumsy dancing. Or, perhaps you are not the person she would like to dance with. Or, perhap (MORE)

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