Are there any good virtual worlds that are for free?

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  • adventure
  • adventure quest
  • (not virtual but you can watch movies for free)
  • winx
  • runescape
  • FreeRealms (Download- Ages 10 and up)
  • HorseIsle
  • vmk
  • girlsense
  • stardoll
  • neopets (Have Your Own Pet)
  • marapets
  • cartoonnetwork
  • yahoo games
  • webkinz (Plush needed)
  • be-bratz (Doll needed)
  • gaiaonline (Ages 13 or up)
  • fantage
  • habbo (Ages 13 or up)
  • buildabearville (This site is so FUN!)
  • pixiehollow (Girlz Can Only Play)
  • dizzywood
  • toontown (Download)
  • fishland (Have Your Own Pet)
  • iminlikewithyou (TEENAGERS, 13 ) Or Older Can Only Play)
  • wizard101 (Download)
  • barbiegirls (Girlz Can Only Play)
  • zwinkycuties
  • zwinky (Download-only for TEENAGERS,13 Or Older Can Only Play)
  • kidscom (Have Your Own Pet & An Online Chracter)
  • ty. (Plush Needed)
  • littlestpetshop (Need a plushie or you can adopt)
  • millsberry
  • ourworld
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What are free online virtual worlds?

The Internet is home to many free online virtual worlds. Forexample, Runescape is a free to play massively multiplayer onlinerole playing game.

Are there any free virtual worlds?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too! is also free and is a cool 3d virtual world, and no downloads. is kind of 3d is nice and 3d

Are there any virtual worlds that are free and for kids?

Yes, actually! . Poptropica, where you can complete quests, chat with other players, and dress your character, among other things. . Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Toontown, and Club Penguin are all free, but to enjoy the game to its fullest, a subscription is required. . http:// (MORE)

What are some free virtual worlds?

Xivio is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world Here are some more games: Impressivetitle wolfquest sifaka wolfhome Some other great, free virtual worlds are: My Favourite: Habbo Hotel Moshi monsters Club Penguin Viz woz Cafe life (with facebook)

Free virtual worlds for girls?

neopets webkinz ty-girlz totally spies academy kidscom stardoll ourworld zwinky cuties groovy girls supersecret bellasara moshi monsters elf island Disney fairies barbie girls poptropica wiglington and wenks barbie girls super secret. but if non of these work go (MORE)

Free virtual worlds for kids?

Well I know lots of fun and FREE games: Ecobuddies Pandanda storyjumper Sparkcity Woogi world Ty girls (Need to buy a Ty girls doll) Webkinz (HAVE TO buy a webkinz plush toy or it won't let you play) Buildabearville Wiglington and Wenks Secret builders Wizard101 (Download) H (MORE)

Are there any fun and free websites that will let you explore a virtual world and chat?

There is one called Horse isle where you can walk around and explore towns, buy, sell, trade, or catch wild horses and train them.... find a pet store and get a companion its very fun game and you can chat, in over 3 different methods!. Great game for all ages. . Dizzy wood rocks too! . So as fan (MORE)

What is a free virtual world?

a free virtual world is an online world. where you can chat like facebook. you can have private chats but mostly when you chat the public can see(those which are playing). and you can play too. for 12 and under i would recommend club penguin and moshi monsters and poptropica. for 13 or 12 and above (MORE)

Is there any free 3-d virtual world chats for kids no downloads?

well yoville is an app on myspace and facebook for kiids like 13 and up . virtualfamilykingdom is amazing, great outfits, fairies, everything . ecobudies is so cool. I use it all the time. . dizzywood . clubpenguin . ROBLOX is one of my favourite games.

What is a good fun free virtual world website?

I would probably say my favorite website would be , it is a really cool site. But that is just my opinion.. . ...but club penguin is better... Parents can easily trust this website (although membership is not free and so is dizzywood)

How do you make a free virtual world?

Well you could animate it, or play a world kids tweens and teens would play Oswald ,meez sparkleworld(16 and up). But to make a world think of ideas and you will need to avertise it or put in on the internet. Step #1 Think of ideas Step #2 avertise it step #3play or make it up.Remeber don't use any (MORE)

Virtual free worlds with no downloading? is free and does not require a download! There is also Xivio, it is the only 3D virtual world without a download. It only requires adobe flash player.

Is virtual world free? Onverse is the best free virtual world out there. You can get a home and decorate it, buy clothes and customize your avatar, drive cars, play games, explore, chat, go to dance clubs... the list goes on!

What are some good free virtual worlds?

Try Marapets: flash games, fully customizable characters, quests, missions, item/pet trading, battles, fashion contests, giveaways, prizes, tons of free stuff, friends, forums, chat, blogs, clubs, pets, costumes, and more. It's pretty easy to make marapoints, there are many guides for beginners, and (MORE)

How do you make a virtual world for free?

well, virtual worlds are very complicated to create: if you are a beginner then the best platforms to get started on would be xtremeworlds eclipse mmorpg maker xp ( currently not letting any one register ) these are all free apart from those ones there are many other makers you coul (MORE)

What are some virtual worlds for free?

you could also type "what are some free virtual worlds?" I'll answer your question though. There is,, (if you get a toy from mcdonalds in a happy meal girls get a pony and boys get a truck to ride or go around with.) if your 13., tootsville. (MORE)

Are there any good virtual games?

club penguins good but it depends your age i also like secret builders smallworlds yoville(on facebook) panfu dizzywood toontown chobots Habbo Hotel theres others but it would take a while ill tell you if i remember any more

What is a good good virtual world?

Smallworlds is probably the best, you can become a member by earning gold, which you can get for signing up on a website or doing a survey! You can also use magic and ride on hoverboards to magic carpets! There are also wearables, think of your favorite animal and you can be it! Smallworlds Rocks! T (MORE)

What Virtual worlds for free and NO downloading?

I play on this website all the time, and it's called Club Penguin. Club Penguin is a snow-covered, virtual world where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colourful penguin avatars. Club Penguin is a safe and fun website for everyone. Good luck! :) - Sally Other reall (MORE)

Is there any free virtual worlds with no membership?

Yes if you mean virtual as 3d then heres a game it is 3d and you only have to write a name as you want to display it to others.

Could you name any good virtual worlds for kids?

It really depends on how old the kids are. Club Penguin is a good one for most ages. Neopets is good for older kids, maybe about 8 years old. but there is also webkinz, or for kids around 13 or so facebook, i understand you maynot be cofortable with your kids there, but their are some amazing games, (MORE)

Do you know any good virtual world character names?

This depends on if you are a boy or a girl. Most of the time, when you think you want your virtual world person name to be one thing, you end up wanting it to be another. I know this cool virtual world called VSide and you can change your name if you don't like it for 500 Vbux. Here is my list of (MORE)

Are there good free fun virtual worlds for kids to Jon?

poptropica miniclip neopets dizzywood club penguin girlsgogames (you have to be a girl to join and it more like a gameing site) pbs kids go build a bearville ourworld yoobot vs yoonot secretbuilers chimpoo shidonni handipoint all virtual world i put on the list here i pl (MORE)

What are some good and free virtual worlds?

You NEED to try smallworlds! it's the best site i have ever played, it does not need to be downloaded, it has free word choice, your own home space, your own money, free interaction, and continous activities! However, you do need to be 13 years of age or older.

Any virtual world games for free? and and and and and and and and and and and and Wow that's alot!

Are there any good free virtual horse or dog games?

I do not know of any for the PC other than the Zoo Tycoon games, but they arent for the same. For Xbox 360 there is Kinectimals which is good. PS3 and PSP have EyePet, but its more of a Monkey thing than a dog. and Nintendo Ds has the Nintendogs and Catz games. Hope it helps

I was wondering if there are any free virtual worlds like pixie hollow and If there are what are they?

There are many virtual worlds.... Depending if you are a boy or a girl, I'll put them in order: Boys: Disney's Pirates of the Carribean (pirates online) Hot Wheels Girls: Disney Fairies's Pixie Hollow Online (fairies online) Barbie girls Enjoyable for both: Fantage Monkey (MORE)

What are some good virtual worlds for ten and up that are online and free?

Here are some examples - Club Penguin: Good, a nice place to meet new people, but you can hardly get clothes unless you get membership. ROBLOX: Your a lego character, you can make a place, buy hats and clothes, visit other places and join/make groups. Must have BC, TBC, or OBC to buy most hats and p (MORE)

Are there any virtual avatar worlds for free and no download for 10-12 year olds?

Yes, there is. 1: Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a virtual world where you create yourown animal. Anything from a monkey to a wolf. 2: IMVU, okay... but not exactly appropriate for 10-12 year olds. Iwould wait until 18. 3: Second Life, aye, okay. I would go with this one, but same asIMVU. I'd wait until (MORE)

Is these a free virtual world where you are a cat?

Not that I know of but there are other virtual animal worlds like: StarStable AnimalJam SecretBearWorld NeoPets Panfu Petra's Planet MonkeyQuest DinoStorm ClubPenguin DinoSawUs And many more that I haven't even listed or played yet.

Is virtual mail any good?

I've been using virtual mail services for a few months now and Iregret I didn't sign up earlier. It keeps my house clean. I don'tannoy my neighbors about mail when i'm not around and I can read itonline. You can try postscan mail (the company i am using).they have a free trial so you won't be losing (MORE)