Are mega blocks compatible with LEGO?

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Yes. Depends on the size.
- Mini Size are compatible with LEGO DUPLO.
- Micro Size are compatible with ordinary LEGO bricks.
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Is a escort 1.9L block and head compatible with a 99 escort 2.0L they look the same?

The 2.0L head will fit onto the 1.9L block, but it drops thecompression ratio dramatically - good for turbocharging orsupercharging. The 1.9L head will suffer valve damage if installedon a 2.0L block. The 1.9L and 2.0L will bolt into a vehicle thesame, but the Engine Management Computer (ECU) is different betweenthe 1.9L and the 2.0L . The wiring may be different as well.

Where can you donate LEGO blocks?

Many charity organizations accept complete sets. If you givethem mixed up or incomplete sets, they will send them to the trash,and they will not decompose. City recycling programs sort them out,and dump them in the landfill since they are Type 7 (ABS) plastic.Legos are durable, and can be reused hundreds of times.www.brickrecycler accepts them and can even pay for postage if youare in the US. Another idea is you can sell via eBay (but shippingis really expensive at over $5 by USPS for just pound). There areLego shows like: brickcon, brickfair, Bricks By The Bay, but theydon't typically accept donations. They are set up for people toview Legos or buy. You could try to sell individual piece parts byusing bricklink, but you need an account, patience, and rolls ofstamps and stacks of padded mailers.

What is the density of a LEGO block?

A standard 8 peg LEGO brick has dimensions 3.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1cm, thus giving it a volume of approx. 4.8 cm 3 . Said standard LEGO brick weighs approx. 2.2 g. Therefore, the LEGO brick has a density of 2.2 g/ 4.8 cm 3 or approx. .458 g/cm 3 .

Is the power functions Lego kit compatible with the NXT?

How do you a power function on a Lego vehicle(s)? Thank you, Manny I. T. Smith

Where is the red LEGO block in gunfight at the raven in LEGO Indiana Jones?

first you must play in free play mode, once out of the raven, next door should be a house brightly lit from the inside. Blow up the door and enter. There should be a Christmas tree there and a fire place. Santa Claus will come falling down the chimney then run away. Dont bother catching him he disapperes! a red power brick should also come down the chimney.

How do you beat the building blocks in Star Wars LEGO in LEGO city?

you have to build the words L E G O IN THAT ORDER ALL UPPERCASE!

How do you get the third blue block on Lego batman in the gotham docks?

Go over to the building with the slanted roof . It should be next to the gate with the lock . place a blue brick exactly to the right . Stand on it and use Batman to double jump and you should be up there .

Is LEGO better then mega blocks?

Yes lego has lego starwars,lego city,lego dc super heroes,lego ninjago,lego marvel super heroes,lego batman,lego pirates of the caribean,lego harry potter,lego halo you can buy lego halo onlyne,the new lego ninjago,lego indiana jones,lego minifigures,lego prince of persia,lego hero factory,bionicles,lego spongebob,lego spiderman see lego is waay better then mega blocks,mega blocks.

When did mega blocks come out?

Mega Blocks came out in 1984. Mega Blocks are like Lego but muchlarger for younger children to hold and use.

Is Lego better than mega blocks?

of course legos are better you idiot ask another question it is so obvious cmon now you are smarter then that there is like Lego everything!!!! , i am going to argue with that, i used to agree until the Christmas of 2009, that was when i went to the tree, opened up a present and found the areal attack, the human A-A gun, and the ghost waiting for me, then i started prefering megabloks because of the halo series. they can be difficult(and most of the time ARE,) and hard to build, they may fall apart sometimes, but they still are kick-ass looking and worth it completely. so i say that megabloks are a little better just because of that.

Are mega blocks compatible with LEGOs?

They are, but the mega blocks may break because the Lego brick is much harder to break. If you are planning to enter a Lego contest, it must be mostly made of Lego pieces.

Are mega bloks betir then Lego yes or no?

no legos are way better Legos are better, but Mega Bloks are WAY cheaper. Also Mega Bloks has much cooler products, like Halo and other video games. Especially HAlo.

I ate a Lego brick and when you poed it out it was a mega block?

the human digestive system is magic. it has a gift shop where you can swap Lego for mega blocks. I don't know why people think it is nasty. IT TASTES DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!! it tastes like fried chicken and beef broccoli. except the natural taste of cheese. J OUT!!!!

Where do you get mega blocks halo?

you can get it at Toysrus however if you like Legos more you get halo Legos on a website called Brickforge

Are GM Block heaters compatible with all types of GM cars?

I need to know where I can find one for a 91 Buick LeSabre, or if they're all compatible/

Why are Legos better than Mega Blocks?

Mega blocks are cheap and tend to fall apart easily.. for some reason they always pop apart. I once decided to spend my $90 on two mega blocks ships instead of one giant pirate ship and I have been regretting this decision everyday for 10 years.. Lego are made better and have a better resale value.. Just look at ebay..

Is mega blocks made by LEGO?

mega blocks is not made from Lego. In fact, mega blocks was sued by Lego in the 2000's. Mega blocks was banned for sale in Canada for a period of time.

How do get Lego blocks in mln Lego?

So on game collection 250,000 games then go to 2002 games then go to card and casino then poker one, then it will show 100 credits click at the end of that and type what ever you want.

On LEGO Harry Potter how do you get passed the giant policeman that blocks the door?

If you are on year 3 level 2 and you are following the ghost, go to the other door to the right and then find your way from there. You need to jump through the broken window after that and go through the door there. Then, you will be in the court yard where you can ride on the plunger. Then, you will see an arrow in front of the nearest door. Go through that door and go through that hallway and you will see the ghost - he can guide you from there.

Will a 1979 454 big block bolt right in to a 1969 Chevy dump truck that has the 396 big block or is it not compatible?

Yes it will. But you will need to know if the 454 requires a flywheel that is either internal or external balanced.

Did LEGO sue mega bloks?

Lego tried to because Mega Bloks used 'studs' and Lego said that they are only allowed to use them but Lego failed to sue them.

Are mega blocks LEGOs?

No, they are two different companies. Lego makes Legos, Mega Blocks is a different company that make Mega Blocks. They have absolutely no connection to each other.

Where can you buy Lego blocks all from the same color?

You can order Lego blocks by colour and shape through their website. Please see their link below.

Are there any battle rifles in the halo mega blocks series?

As far as I know, no. Wait for newer series. umm yes their are some in fact i have an arctic Battle Rifle

When will the halo wars mega blocks battle scape set come out?

Some time in march, and y do people say halo wars, it isn't is halo mega bloks people get it right

Are they going to make halo reach mega blocks sets?

It is assumed that Mega Blocks will release Halo: Reach sets, and they are highly anticipated.

Will halo mega bloks work with Lego?

No. Two different things sadly. Yeah, their rivals. I was hoping Lego would do halo, but unfortunately they only make up their sets unlike mega bloks who get their ideas from video games, movies, and stuff.

Do any halo mega blocks set have plasma rifle?

So far, (late 2011) there aren't any, but possibly in the future there will be.

Can you get the halo mega blocks battle scape in the UK?

Yep, thats assuming that you have an Argos shop by your home., search up the battlescape.

What do the blocks spell in new town in lego star wars the complete saga?

They spell LEGO - but you have use the force, and switch them. Otherwise it just spells GOLE. :)*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Where can you buy halo mega blocks?

From Argos,amazon,eBay,sainsburys(the one behind big sports direct)and toys r us there's more but I said to much your welcome.

Are mega blocks Thomas and friends train engines compatible with Lego duplo tracks?

No. The mega bloks tracks are more narrow. Mega block thomas trains are designed so that the wheels are about as wide as the 2 by 6 block they are attached to. The lego duplo thomas train wheels are set so the wheels sit outside the footprint of the block they are attached to. This makes their tracks much wider than the mega blok tracks. I haven't tried this yet, but you could probably swap the wheels. If you have some duplo trains you won't be using, you could probably take a mega blok train off its wheels and put in on a duplo set of wheels.

Does toywiz shipping free for a mega block figure?

No, there are shipping charges on the site. If you add items to your cart and proceed to checkout, you will have the opportunity to see the shipping fees before you finish your purchase. I hope that helps! Bebs, from

Does anybody have halo mega blocks forward unto dawn?

Yes, we purchased this from Toys'R Us last march - did you have aquestion about the Mega Bloks Forward Unto Dawn?

What unit of measurement would you use to find the volume of a Lego block?

cm3 is the most suitable unit as a lego block is small, measured in cm.

Is Star Wars the most popular theme for Lego building blocks?

Star Wars themed Lego blocks have been sold since 1999 and continues to be the most popular theme of Lego blocks as said by many consumers and reviewers.

What are Lego blocks made from?

These durable, plastic building blocks are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. These granules are heated and then moulded into the popular child's building blocks.

How does Lego toys Minecraft differ from regular Lego blocks?

Lego Minecraft blocks are different than regular Lego blocks for a few different reasons. First there is a size and shape difference. Also they come in assorted shapes that are made to build certain patterns and play sets.

How many sizes of LEGO blocks are there in total?

There are as many sizes of Lego blocks as there are different types of Mercedeses, however, the biggest difference in sizes is between two types of lego: duplo and ordinary lego. That makes the answer two.

Where can one find LEGO SpongeBob blocks?

Spongebob Lego blocks can be purchased directly from the Lego company on their website. One may also purchase these blocks at retail stores like Toys R Us or Target.

Does Target sell blue LEGO blocks?

Depending on what you're looking for, Target does sell some blue lego blocks. They do not carry a large selection, and the majority come in packs or sets. Toys R Us on the other hand does sell lego blocks with variety to choose from.

Where can LEGO blocks and play sets be purchased?

There are a number of retailers one can purchase Lego blocks and play sets from. Toys R Us, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Best Buy all sell many Lego items. One can also purchase directly from the Lego website.

Where can one find authentic Lego blocks?

For authentic lego blocks, the best place to go is Lego's own website. However, it can be rather expensive, so if saving money is important, eBay and Amazon offer used sets for much lower cost.

Where can one purchase a large amount of pink Lego blocks?

You can purchase a large amount of pink Lego blocks by going to the official Lego website. They will have a guide that will allow you to choose the specific color as well as the amount of the Lego blocks that you want.

Where can one purchase Thomas Lego Duplo blocks?

One could purchase Thomas Lego Dulpo blocks when one goes to stores like Toys R Us and Walmart. One can also buy the blocks online at the official site of the Lego Shop.

Where can one purchase big LEGO blocks?

You can purchase big Lego blocks online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type "Big Legos" into the search field at the top of the page to bring up the products.

Where can one buy SpongeBob SquarePants lego blocks?

One can purchase SpongeBob Squarepants LEGO blocks from online stores such as the website Amazon, BestBuy, Argos, Toys'R'Us and the bidding website eBay.

How do you play with Lego blocks?

You can either stack Legos and build whatever you want, or you canbuy specific Lego sets and follow the instructions.

What is the metal block inside LEGOS?

Most LEGO bricks do not contain metal inside of them. For thosethat do, it may be an axle, a motor, or a case for the axle.

Which one came first LEGO or Mega Bloks?

Lego bricks came first. The Lego Group was established in 1932 butonly started producing plastic bricks in 1947-previously, they hadbeen making wooden toys. Mega Bloks was established in 1967 underthe name "Ritvik Toys Inc."