Although he looks like a giant canary what Sesame Street character insists that he's a giant condor?

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What does a giant panda look like?

They have white fur with black circles around their eyes. Their ears are also black. the giant panda looks exactly like a normal panda except it is very rare. The Giant P

What do giant pandas look like?

Giant pandas have white coats apart from black near ears, eye patches, legs, and shoulders. The white is an effective camouflage in snow. They look like bears in shape.

What does the giant panda look like?

the giant panda looks like it has been in a black and white movie and has not taken the make-up of. Please see the Related Link below to view a picture of a Giant Panda.

What does a giant sequoia look like?

A sequoia is a very tall coniferous redwood tree, found primarilyin California. How it looks depends on the age. In Sequoia NationalPark, California there is a Sequoia tree na

What did giant kangaroos look like?

Giant kangaroos, which died out thousands of years ago, were about twice the size of today's Red kangaroo, and were believed to have similar coloured fur. Instead of simple fo

What does the red giant look like?

it looks big and red -- Despite it's redish look, it's size is also another contribute to it's name. The reason why it is red is because it has cooled and the cooler a st

What giant panda's look like?

giant pandas are black and white but some pandas have black ears and eyes they may look cuddly but they could bite but they are lovely well bi that is all i know see you soon

What do giant tortoises look like?

Claws and Jaws . The giant tortoise boasts five front claws and four claws on theback. They help the tortoise navigate through sometimes ruggedterrain. When walking, the fro

What did giants look like?

They had horrible pit stink and in 1567 giants were only 5ft2. There population suffered because all the mean giants got trapped in a volcano and the other ones died of hard a
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What does the giant redwood look like?

The Giant redwood aka Giant Sequoia or Sequoiadendron, has a reddish colored to a more brownish colored trunk with rough and textured bark, but sometimes fairly spongy and sof