03 Lincoln Town Car FM radio has bad reception?

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Our 2003 Lincoln Town Car is losing ALL functions but displays "phone" and operates the motor controlling the CD tray. Occasionally the radio spontaneously turns on and then stops again. The AM side seems not to work well when this happens. We installed a replacement and the same thing seems to happen. There's supposed to be a module in the trunk to control the radio but not in ours.
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Why would your car radio be getting AM but not FM?

Answer . It is possible to receive AM signals without an antenna, FM signals, however, require an antenna to be received. The standard FM antenna is around 72 inches for the quarter wave length at the middle of the FM band. Assuming the radio is not broken, try checking to see if the antenna h (MORE)

How do you check to see if the fuel pump on a 1989 Lincoln Town Car is bad?


You need a radio wiring diagram for a 1990 Lincoln Town Car?

There is a wiring diagram available on 12volt.com's forums, but you will need to sign up for their forums (free). http://www.12volt.com/ Answer There is a wiring diagram available on 12volt.com's forums, but you will need to sign up for their forums (free). http://www.12volt.com/

Where can you get a radio wiring diagram for a 1986 Lincoln Town car?

Answer . check out installdr.com or e-mail me a pic of the back of your stereo with wire colors my e-mail addy is tazmaniac_37752@yahoo.com. Try this . 1986 - 1989 Lincoln Town Car Radio Wiring Diagram . Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Green/Yellow Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ W (MORE)

Why do mountains interfere with FM radio reception?

ANSWER: . FM radio works like light. If a shadow is made (something in the way) , you get less light. Radio waves work in a straight line. If something is in the way, less radio waves. The rule is broken here if you use Am radio waves. Low clouds can make the waves bounce between the clouds and t (MORE)

How do you get good FM reception from an IHome ipod radio thing?

Refer. http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7706. Quote from "Ziny":. Here's an idea which I tried on my Creative Zen Microphoto to improve the radio reception. This method should help any mp3 player which uses the headphone cable as an FM radio antenna. 1) Connect a 2 int (MORE)

How do you replace a 2003 Lincoln Town Car radio?

the easiest way is to take it to your local car audio expert expect to pay $30-$100 in labor and parts should not be more than $35 on some upper end aftermarket radios this may extend your warranty as well!!!

What are good and bad effects of FM radio?

Some good effects of FM radio is that people have access to freenews, music, and can be alerted to emergencies. One possible badeffect of FM radio is that some scientist think radio waves may bebad for humans.

What was the first car with FM radio?

The 1932 Studebaker was the first car with a FM radio. The GalvinManufacturing Corporation was the company that first made radiosfor automobiles.

How do I remove the radio from a 1996 Lincoln Town car?

I had to take the dash apart to get it out, there is little bolts you can see throughout the dash, it's a pain NOT NECESSARY TO TAKE DASH APART.. go to a chain auto parts store...the kind who lend you tools and test things for you for free... they have a 'gadget' tool that pushes in the 2 holes (MORE)

Ineed the wiring diagram for the 1987 Lincoln Town Car radio?

Try this . 1986 - 1989 Lincoln Town Car Radio Wiring Diagram . Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Green/Yellow Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Black Car Radio Ground Wire: Red Car Radio Illumination Wire: Blue/Red (no need for most radios) Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A (MORE)

Remove 1993 Lincoln Town Car Stereo radio?

This is for the Ford factory (OEM) radio.. There are two small holes on either side of the radio faceplate. Inserting a pair of U-shaped Ford radio removal tools in both sides will release the springclips behind the faceplace and allow the radio to be pulled out sufficiently by the tools to disconn (MORE)

How do you remove the factory installed radio on a 1991 Lincoln town car?

You will need a set of Ford extraters. You can pick them up at Wal-Mart for around $5. They are U shaped wires with notches on each end. Then you insert one into the two holes on the right and the other on the two holes on the left until you feel them "snap" into place (if you insert them too far th (MORE)

What is the 1991 Lincoln Town car radio wiring color codes?

In a 1991 Lincoln Town Car, the radio battery constant 12v+ wire isgreen/yellow, the radio accessory switched 12v+ is yellow/black,the ground wire is red, the illumination wire is blue/brown, andthe antenna trigger wire is orange/blue. For the front speakers,the left front speaker wire (+) is orange (MORE)

Why do car radios get better reception than home stereos?

\nThat's generally because the `front end' of the receiver is designed to be more sensitive than home receivers. This is mainly because the unit is almost always under varying conditions and with a higher sensitivity, it's able to provide a cleaner, more solid reception.\n. \nThis is partly due to (MORE)

Lincoln town car questions How do I bypass the amp in my 97 Town Car if I want to put in a new AM FM CD Player Do I need to do anything with that weird amp?

You will have too buy a amp bypass adapter, a installation kit, wiring harness and your done; all on ebay. -OR-. You can buy from CRUTCHFIELD.COM and if you spend more than $130.00 on a c.d. deck you can get all things you need to intall it for free along with instructions! They have tools you can (MORE)

How do you tell if water pump is going bad on a 1995 Lincoln town car?

In general, signs of a failing water pump would include a high pitched squeal from the area of the pump, that varies in pitch or volume with the speed the engine is revving. This noise comes from the water pump bearings wearing out, and approaching total failure. Note a loose fan belt on older cars (MORE)

How do you swap out a bad air bag on a 95 Lincoln Town Car?

jack your car up high off the ground. trace the air line to the bag and disconnect by pushing the ring around it in and pull the hose out. reach on top of the air bag and there should be a cotter pin holding it. removing that pin will let you pull that bag right off. (easy) before you go jacking it (MORE)

How do you get better FM radio reception?

Put up a new all band TV antenna with coax lead in wire as high as you can. Connect other end of coax wire to the receiver. If there is no coax (F-connector) antenna input use a 300 to 75 transformer to connect to the two screw type connectors. If the antenna is the directional type it will need to (MORE)

How can you tell if the coil pack is going bad on a 1993 Lincoln town car?

I replaced plugs and wires on my 94 TC after it had began to run sluggish, it had a jerking motion while accelerating up hills, and I did find one burnt spark plug electrode, but this did not help it run much better, so I bought 2 coil packs off Ebay for 50 bucks a pair.(very inexpensive compared to (MORE)

What are symptoms of catalytic converter going bad on a 2001 Lincoln Town Car?

While my LTC town car's catalytic converter is fine, I have experienced cat failures on another vehicle. In that case (a single exhaust car) I had massive loss of power, and backpressure into the engine so bad it would blow off some of the emission related hoses on the engine. A professional shop mi (MORE)

Why does the FM reception not work on a 1998 Dodge Dakota radio?

Sounds like an antenna or coaxial cable problem, especially if you're still getting some AM frequencies. AM receivers can often pick up stations even with the lack of antenna input, but FM receivers are pretty unforgiving. Check that the coaxial cable is plugged properly into the back of the radio, (MORE)