007 quantum of solace mi-6 person on the organization glitch?

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Choose whatever character you want to be say mercenery then
press team and press b strait after so you would be a mercener
y on the mi6 (this works with any character).
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Cheats for 007 quantum of solace?

Sorry but there is no knowledge of cheats for this game. http://guides.ign.com/guides/826182/page_3.html But this walkthru should help.

How can you stop medrano in 007 quantum of solace?

Stopping Medrano at the end of the QOS game on PS2 is tough and near impossible in 007 difficulty, where I discovered a secret no one has published. Normally you face 9 mercs,

Why is quantum of solace called quantum of solace?

If you mean the film then there is no specific reason relating to it. It was originally one of Ian Fleming's first Bond books, it was quite a short novel and was rather popula

007 quantum of solace good person on the bad team glitch PLEASE answer?

Good Person on Bad Team or Bad Person on Good team, both the same way and easy. 1.) When you start the game (Or press 1 on the Wii remote during game) click the character you