007 in James Bond represents what?

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An agent with a "Double O" number means that he can kill people. 7 means that he is the seventh active duty person with licence to kill. When Ian Fleming first wrote Casino Royale, James Bond got his double O number just after WWII, meaning there had not been too many people given the licence to kill after the war ended in 1945. Of course since the 1950's and Daniel Craig's 2006 Casino Royale (set in the present era), this takes on a whole new meaning. Sean Connery in 1962's Doctor No could have been the seventh person to get a licence to kill after WWII, while Daniel Craig is probably the seventh person on active duty to have a licence to kill; all the others from post WWII to the present with a double O number have retired or died in the line of duty.
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Why does James Bond use the number 007?

The 00 stands for "Agent with a license to kill". The 7 is just a serial number. The are more 00 agents out there, some of them are mentioned in the movies like 003 and 008, and James Bond happened to be number 7. James Bond is called James Bond 007 because initially he was on a mission to Russia

What does 007 mean for James Bond?

The 00 stands for "Agent with a license to kill". The 7 is just a serial number. The are more 00 agents out there, some of them are mentioned in the movies, such as 003 and 008, and James Bond happened to be number 7. (006 is the turncoat Alek Trevelyan in Goldeneye .) James Bond is called James

Why was James Bond Associated with the Number 007?

He was an agent for the British Secret Service; the "00" designation means licensed to kill - 007 means he is the seventh "00" agent . because 007 is the isd code for russia (or the ussr , as it was known during the cold war)

If 007 means James Bond then who is 111?

James bond 111 was an actor in the red hand gand ( The Red Hand Gang is an American live-action Saturday morning television series on NBC , first broadcast in 1977 . The show featured five crime-solving pre-teens and their dog, who lived in the inner city. The group was so named because its

Why was 'James Bond' associated with the number 007?

Well, in the James Bond world, a 00 is an agent in the SIS (British Secret Intelligence Service) that has a license to kill during his missions. There are only a certain number of 00 agents at any one time and they can get replaced (if 002 were to die, then a different person would be made the new 0

What are James Bond 007 movies?

There are lot of James Bond Movies released right from 1950's to 2000 and after. Here is the list : Casino Royale From Russia With Love GoldenEye Die Another Day View to a Kill Quantum of Solace Die Another Day Casino Royale The Man With the Golden Gun You Only Live Twice Casino Royale On Her Maj

Who did 007 James Bond report to?

Bond or 007 reports to his boss or the head of MI6. His boss is called by code name M. Currently the role is played by Judi Dench. She has played the role of M in most number of BOnd films. Bernard Lee holds the record for most bond movies as M check your info before posting

What are all of the James Bond 007 movies?

"Dr. No" (1962). Sean Connery "From Russia with Love" (1963). Sean Connery "Goldfinger" (1964). Sean Connery "Thunderball" (1965). Sean Conery "Casino Royale" (1967). Woody Allen and David Niven "You Only Live Twice" (1967). Sean Connery "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969). George Lazenby "Diam

What is James Bond 007 Bloodstone about?

James Bond 007 Bloodstone is a third-person shooter game for bothconsoles and PC. It plays out similar to a James Bond film (takingplace after the events of Quantum of Solace ), with bothDaniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench doing voiceovers for James Bondand M respectively.

007 James Bond?

Yes...the 00 designation means he has a license to kill, and 7 ishis number.