007 agent under fire How do you you get to the cheat code screen?

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there is no cheat code screen you have to use Hacks ask what are hacks for 007 agent under fire on google i find this helpful.....
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What are cheat codes for wpn fire?

ownitup - Invincibility rockedinface - Unlimited ammunition runforrestrun - Run really fast firepower - All weapons pwnagesince1337 - Double damage for any weapon savem

Wii cheat codes for 007?

NotIt!!!11 tag . Inv1s1bleEv3ryth1ng invisible . big head . are only for split screen

Are there cheats for agent under fire?

yes you can, you can get cheats by getting a gold medal in the levels, and once you get a gold you can try to find all the 007 bonus tokens and get a good score you can get a

How do you beat level 5 in 007 agent under fire?

It is really hard follow my directs: 1. Go to the computer on the right 2. A door should open 3. Kill some guards 4. In the room where you shot the guards go up to a picture i